Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Resurgence Conference Day 0: Sunday

I was asked to help out with registration/check-in for the Resurgence Conference these past couple days. Over 1100 people have registered for this 4-day teaching event.

Sunday entailed Pre-Conference check-in and afternoon sessions. The session I attended was a panel-type discussion of community groups and recovery groups. Both are essential in growth and healing in a life pursuit of Jesus.

The majority of attendees have come from many different states and countries, even some as far away as South Africa, Australia, Taiwan, and many more. I saw a couple of guys crossing the street to come into Mars Hill's Ballard campus while taking pictures of the building (which is funny because it's certainly not the type of building you take pictures of). It's so amazing how far many of these men have come, some with their wives too, to hear this good quality Biblical teaching in person. It'll be tough to leave all of our friends here in Seattle when we move down to Portland next month.

They have already posted video here of some of the speakers so far.

Day 0: Sunday
Day 1: Monday
Day 2: Tuesday
Day 3: Wednesday
Video/Audio here