Saturday, September 25, 2010

Getting Excited for Nolan

Jen and I are babysitting for a friend right now. The little girl we are caring for is quite a chunk! She is one of the cutest two-month-olds that I have ever seen.

It is really fun to rub her belly, sing to her, and make funny faces at her. She loves to watch my tongue wiggle around like a worm saying "Hi" to her.

After caring for 8th graders over the past few weeks at school, this is refreshing. I am definitely getting excited about Nolan joining us in our apartment. He is due to start breathing air around mid-December.

It's amazing to know that Nolan is a mini-baby inside Jen right now and that he will come out and smile, cry, and sleep just like all the rest of the human beings in the world.

Uh oh... time to change her. Gotta go!