Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friends: All 10 Seasons

Last month we finally finished watching the entire collection of Friends. Quality show. I was originally skeptical, but that feeling quickly disappeared. Thinking that it was just another chick flick tv show that I wouldn't be interested in, I eventually remembered that I actually do enjoy chick flicks! I fell in love with these characters. Such a quality show.

What is great about this tv show is that all of these friends accepted each other. Let's look at the main characters:
  • Ross got 3 divorces
  • Chandler never fails at slipping in a bad-timed joke
  • Monica is super anal about cleanliness
  • Phoebe had her brother's triplets
  • Rachel was a spoiled brat
  • Joey was so dumb that he bent over and practically asked a guy to steal everything Chandler's and his apartment
Many people would get frustrated, weirded out, or overwhelmed with friends like these. Many would give up on them. Many would treat them poorly. But this group of friends loved each other better than most groups of friends I have ever known.

Jesus was a friend to screwed up people. He saw them in a different light than we often see our friends. He views them so much better. How can we be more accepting of our friends? How can we be more comforting in the times when we really don't want to be involved in their lives?

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