Thursday, April 19, 2007

Subscribe to a Feed? Huh?

Have you ever seen this little orange icon?

<---- Do you ever wonder what it's for? Well I have talked to a handful of friends, and many of them don't know what Subscribing to a Feed means. I know that sometimes all of this new internet language seems overwhelming at times, but don't you worry! ... I will explain.

That little orange icon, as well as other icons...

...notify you of a "feed" on a website that updates frequently.

For example, I update my blog at least once a week. Instead of coming to my blog every day of the week to check and see if I've posted something new, you can actually be notified when I update my site with your subscription. This is done with a feedreader.

A feedreader (for example, the one I use is Google Reader) is like an inbox for your subscriptions. You get new "mail" in your feedreader whenever your subscriptions are updated! Right now, I'm currently subscribed to a bunch of different sites:

  • news updates
  • Cleveland Indians news updates
  • Lots of blogs... personal and public ones
  • Church news/blogs
  • updates
  • etc.

And I don't have to go to any of the sites to read any of the information! I can just go to the feedreader, and it sends me all of the new information that they publish on their sites! It's like an inbox for my favorite websites!

This is a great tool that I recommend for everyone.