Monday, January 11, 2016

This Girl Needs A Man

Delaney turned 3 years old today! She is fun, goofy, and spontaneous. She loves dressing up as a "superhero dancer girl with glasses."

I am amazed at how much this girl wants to be held, snuggled, kissed, and looked at. Sometimes I just stare at her, just a few inches from her face, and she stares right back at me. She craves attention from her daddy.

And I know, as her father, that I need to give her that attention. I need her to feel loved and cherished by the man in her life. Me. I show her what it is like to be a woman based on how I treat Jen, and I show her what it is like to be loved in a way that Jen cannot. I set her up for a future, feeling safe and secure knowing that there is a man in her life who loves her, protects her, and makes her feel like I would do anything for her.

As I stare into her eyes, inches away, her smile beaming brighter and brighter the longer I hold her gaze, I see a teenager. I see a young woman. I see a future wife. When Delaney says "Kiss me again, Daddy!" I immediately think about how many dads neglect their little girls and then they look for love in other men out there willing to give it to them. The difference is that other men want something in return, whereas I just love her because she is my daughter. So I kiss her again.

This little 3 year old will not be a goofy superhero dancer girl with glasses forever. She will develop into a butterfly and flutter out of my grasp at the time when God says "it's time." And I'll have to let her go. I just hope and pray that God will give me the strength to be the best dad I can be for her. That I will give her enough kisses that she will not need to look for them in men who want to take advantage of her. That I will balance love and discipline in a way that God balances it perfectly with us, His own sons and daughters. That I will be a diligent father with the limited time I have with her and trust in the path God has for her with the rest.

I love you, Delaney-Bug! Happy birthday!