Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

I've seen this bumper sticker numerous times in this wonderful city of Seattle. It's ridiculous.

I am very supportive of people expressing their right to free speech, but people who display this sticker on their car do not know the Bible well.

The bumper sticker is making this point: We shouldn't go to war and kill our enemy because Jesus wouldn't go to war and kill His enemy. While this is a valid point, it has some flaws. Let's look at them.
  1. Killing is not necessarily a sin. The sixth commandment states, "You shall not murder," and Jesus said that it's more about the hatred in one's heart that matters.
  2. God is not anti-war. He is a jealous God, and deserves obedience from His creation. All throughout the Old Testament God tells His people to fight wars in God's name. By stating this, I am not saying that the current war in Iraq is being fought in God's name, I'm just stating the fact that God is not anti-war based on the Bible.
  3. Jesus will eventually come back and kill his enemy. Revelation describes Jesus coming back to the earth on a white horse, with a sharp sword coming out of His mouth with which to strike down the nations.
This bumper sticker has a very one-sided view of Jesus. It presumes that Jesus is always nice to people and that He would never "drop bombs" on people because it's wrong. We often forget that God is the creator and we are the creation.

He has the power to do anything He wants to us. It is true that He loves us, but at the same time, He demands our obedience. That's why He wrote the ten commandments--to instruct us in how we should live.

So how can we say that God is all for "world peace" today, when He has struck people down for being disobedient in the past? He has the right to do it. We are specks of dust compared to Him.

Jesus came to the world and told us that we should love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and that we should love our neighbors as ourselves. What?! But we fail these commandments all the time! Thankfully, Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice to God for our sins. Jesus died for our disobedience instead of us.

God should be the focus of our lives. Not us. We can't even come close to comparing ourselves to Him.