Friday, August 31, 2007

Alternate Ending: The Prince of Egypt

Pastor James taught about Moses last Sunday, so we decided to watch The Prince of Egypt this week!

This is one of Jen's favorite movies and it was the first time that I've seen it all the way through. They stayed relatively true to the Biblical story, but it was the ending that I found humorous (oh, and also the characters' huge noses).

Most people know the story: God's people were oppressed by Pharaoh, and God used Moses to present God's power, leading all of them into freedom across the Red Sea. God's awesome miracles were on display throughout the whole movie, and His people were awestruck. And then the movie ends by showing Moses at the top of the mountain holding the ten commandment tablets triumphantly. Roll credits.

Great ending! God saves the day and everyone should worship Him and now His people are free and should be giving their lives to please Him! Right?

What happens if there was one more scene at the end of the movie? A sad story... Moses would come down the mountain and see them all worshiping some stupid golden calf statue. Why didn't they include that scene in the movie? Why did they leave that tid bit of information out?

I guess that's not the typical Hollywood ending that everyone loves to watch on the big screen, but it's the sad truth in real life. I mean, honestly. How great is God and how dumb are we?

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