Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Creator's Creation's Creations

My last two weekends, one spent in Oregon's wilderness and one spent in Oregon's largest city, were both filled with God's creative beauty.

My first weekend, I went backpacking with my dad in the Mt. Hood National Forest near Zigzag, Oregon. The second weekend, I finally was able to go to downtown Portland with my mom and ride the Portland Aerial Tram! All last year I was watching the construction on a webcam and getting excited for such a new and unique form of transportation for the city.

It is alway easy to see the beauty that God has created by going out into the wilderness. It is refreshing and helps keep perspective on my life. However, it is not often that I marvel in the beauty that I see in the city, day after day.

God created us in His image. Because of that, we are creative and innovative with what we create. The city is full of creative works by the hand of man. If it weren't for God breathing life into us and using His creativity to form us, making us in His image, then our world would surely be dull.

Extraordinary, creative designs clearly reflect an extraordinary, creative God.