Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Glendoveer Fitness Trail

This is a very popular place to walk, jog, or run in our neighborhood. East Portland doesn't really have any glamorous parks to choose from, but the Glendoveer Fitness Trail seems to be the most unique experience in the area. This 2-mile loop circumnavigates the Glendoveer Golf Course, in between NE Glisan and NE Halsey.

Sure, it's not an official Portland park, but the majority of the wood-chip trail is beneath a tall forest. Often while following the path, I find myself forgetting the fact that residential neighborhoods surround me in all directions. It actually feels like quite an oasis of nature once you start spotting the rabbits, squirrels, and other scampering animals in the bushes.

Just a couple blocks from our front door, it's a great place for exercise and/or a peaceful nature walk. There are exercise stations here and there, as well as benches for resting and quarter-mile markers to keep track of your distance.

Be sure not to go after a rain storm...it can get pretty muddy in some sections of the path. Jen's dirty shoes are proof of that!

More photos here.

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