Monday, May 11, 2009

Marine Drive & Kelley Point Park

After living so close to the Columbia River for over a year now, we have finally discovered the beauty to be found on Marine Drive. The long stretch of road smartly designed alongside the river is one that is breathtaking on a cool, sunny day. The breeze off the water into our car windows made us want to drive back and forth for hours.

The only thing better than taking a drive down the Columbia on that road is to bring our bikes and ride down the bike path that is down closer to the water. We are still looking around for a good bike deal for Jen, then we'll be able to ride together and take in the awesome river views.

After enjoying the cruise north on Marine Drive, we found ourselves at Kelley Point Park. This park is located where the Willamette River dumps into the Columbia River. The cottonwood trees were absolutely gorgeous on the bright sunny day that we visited. The sun glimmering through the forest contrasted perfectly with the rippling water of the rivers.

There are lots of things you can do at this park. One thing I'm thinking about doing one day is to get a kayak and launch into the Columbia Slough (which is also alongside the park). From there we can explore the slough or even the banks of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. There are nice paths through the trees and meadows, and this place is great for picnics too.

More photos here.

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