Thursday, April 23, 2009

Westmoreland Park

Jen loves to travel and I love to explore. Thankfully, we have a great city for us to do both whenever we want! Portland is well known for its parks. Here are a few fun facts about Portland's parks within city limits:
  • 3 parks have extinct volcanoes (Mt. Tabor, Powell Butte, and Rocky Butte)
  • Forest Park is one of the largest wilderness parks in the US
  • Mill Ends Park is the world's smallest park
We have lived in the city for a year now. And like most people, we know our own neighborhood pretty well, but not the other areas of Portland. We plan to venture out to the other communities to see what we can find. We'll take pictures so that you can tag along for the ride.

Any suggestions? Park recommendations? Please comment to us and let us know!

This past weekend we visited Westmoreland Park, in the Sellwood neighborhood. There is a small lake and stream that run through, with foot bridges and paths to bike or walk along. Since moving from Seattle, we've noticed that there are few parks next to bodies of water. This park is great for watching . Great area for kids since there are lots of grassy fields and playground structures. Animals to observe are ducks and geese...there are tons of them. So, unfortunately, lots of bird poop all over the place. Overall, it is a very cute park that we'd love to visit again.

More photos here.