Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why I Love Living in the City

I don't really know how I found this article. Often I surf the web and can't even remember how I got from point A to point B.

Anyway, I read this great Seattle PI article about my church, Mars Hill Church, and how we recently bought a nightclub in downtown Seattle (more details here). We will be renovating it and turning it into one of our newest campuses in early 2008.

The article is obviously written by a pro-religion Seattlite, which is relatively unusual for an article in the PI. I was very encouraged by reading this. I am excited about what Mars Hill is doing in this city. There are so many confused people out there, even those that are arrogant and blind to their blindness.

And then I read the comments section. Check it out. The Seattlites speak out. Just when I was being encouraged, I remembered how hated we are in the city. I realized how hated Jesus is in the city. I realized how wrong people in the city are (about some things).

But my heart went out for these people. Not in an arrogant, "I've got it all figured out and you need my help" kind of way, but in a compassionate way. I can obviously see their anger, hate, and rejection of the stereotypical "church" coming into "their" space. And I can see their need for peace.

I love living in the city because you can't ignore the people. When you have an opinion, there are always people who want to shoot it down. I love that. It forces me to think critically about what I believe. It forces me to know what I believe.