Monday, July 23, 2007

Ten Ways Umpires Are Like God

Last week, I was asked to umpire my first softball game. It was just a co-ed softball league, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

At first I was excited and thought it would be a breeze, but when I stood behind home plate, the batter, and the catcher, I stepped into a crucial role in the middle of the ballgame. I experienced several things on the field that I never had before. I felt very powerful, respected, and very responsible for what went on during the game.

Even though not all of the items below happened to me that day, I still got a good perspective of how God might feel in regards to His relationship with us.

In the "baseball game of life," here are Ten Ways Umpires Are Like God:
  1. Umpires have control over the whole game. God is sovereign over the whole world.
  2. Players get furious at umpires who make calls that they don't like. People get upset when God doesn't make the call they wanted Him to make.
  3. Players yell and scream at umpires. People yell and scream at God.
  4. Umpires can throw anybody out of the game based on their behavior. God has the power to destroy anyone He wants.
  5. With their protective padding on, umpires look ripped. You don't want to mess with them. You don't want to mess with God.
  6. Players don't always appreciate what umpires do by keeping the game in order. People don't often appreciate what God does in our lives.
  7. Umpires often must break up fights between players. God is displeased when His children fight with each other.
  8. Players look to the umpire when they have questions. People go to God with questions.
  9. Being right behind home plate, umpires have the best positional perspective of the field. God always has the best perspective over our lives.
  10. Umpires really love the game. God really loves the world.

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