Thursday, July 12, 2007

Movie Review - Mission: Impossible 3

Mission: Impossible 3
Directed by J.J. Abrams

Why am I not surprised that I loved a movie directed by one of the co-creators of Lost?

The reason this movie is so fascinating is not only because of the sweet action, suspense, and plot twists, but because it mixed real life with the Impossible Mission Force.

Most people at the end of this film think about how much Ethan Hunt must love his wife Julie, and how wonderful their relationship must be for him to risk his life for her over and over again. However, this romance myth is something that we get wrong all too often.

The one big flaw that I found at the beginning of this movie was not surprising... sin. Ethan and Julie get married before he tells her his biggest secret: he's a secret agent. He loves her because she is innocent to all of the nasty secret agent, risk-taking, life-gambling work that he has known for so long, but he doesn't love her enough to tell her everything about himself.

Then she becomes a hostage. He ends up having to use his IMF team in impossible situations that were miraculously presented with amazing cinematic beauty. But what Ethan hadn't realized is that he could have avoided this whole problem in the first place.

He should have been honest with her.

This happens all the time in marriage. The husband and wife don't fully open up to one another, causing impossible problems later in their relationship. Jesus instructs us as Christians to love each other in a sacrificial, selfless way. And that begins with not hiding anything from the other person.

I'm working hard at trying to be completely honest with my future wife in the most loving and sacrificial way, even though it may seem impossible at times. In the mean time, I'll enjoy watching Tom Cruise stumble from one mission to the next, knowing full well that I'm avoiding many troubles that he could have steered clear of.

5 out of 5 stars.

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