Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Do You Trust Your President?

This morning I was thinking about the fact that so few Americans don't trust their president. How sad is this? We elect this guy to be the leader of our country, and now most people are embarrassed to bring him up in conversation.

Shouldn't we trust our leader? I don't want to get into all the bad decisions that people accuse him of, because shouldn't we depend on our president through thick and thin? I'm not talking about a blind faith. I'm talking about trusting that he'll do the job to the best of his ability... even though we may disagree with him on certain issues.

I don't know.

What if Jesus was our president? Wouldn't he be the best leader of our country? I mean, being perfect and all, it'd be difficult to make a wrong decision. And yet, when Jesus was living life 2000 years ago, the majority of people wanted to crucify him.

Seriously! How could this happen? He was the nicest guy on the planet, you know... healing the sick and feeding thousands and all. He wasn't hurting anyone by claiming that he was God even if he wasn't. Shouldn't they kill somebody else?

Even if Jesus was our president, people would still bitch and moan about what a crappy job he's doing. Everyone always thinks that they could do better than the guy that's up there. Even if the president was perfect, like Jesus, there are always critics who want to be a disruption.

Jesus is about as non-partisan as they come. And yet, I'm sure that most people wouldn't trust him. Why is that? Why can't we trust our president? Why can't we trust God?

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