Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Fertilization Day!

Birthdays are weird.

Why do we celebrate the day that we come out of our mothers' womb? The only difference between the day before that and the day after is that 1) The baby can breathe on its own and 2) The mother can finally see her toes again. But why celebrate? Is it just because that is when we are legally considered a "new person" in the world?

I think that we should focus more on the day that we were fertilized. That's the actual point in time where God's miraculous design of forming a new baby begins. Let's call it... Fertilization Day!

So, if I calculated the approximate date of my fertilization, accounting for the fact that I was two weeks late, it would be around September 14th. ...woah, pretty close to my parents' anniversary! Scary thought... anyway... I think that I'll take a pause on the next September 14th and think about that day, twentysomething years ago, when I used to just be a sperm and an egg miraculously working together to form my body.

When is your Happy Fertilization Day?