Monday, June 4, 2007

Shameless Plug

My dad just recently had his second novel published, the sequel to his first. You can find it on or just click on the book covers below.

The Sanctuary
by Gary Riedl
Book Description: Ancient underwater ruins are discovered by an oil survey team. Opposing forces disrupt the recovery of artifacts. Love, deceit, misfortune, and victory overlap the past and the present.

Tuball: The Lost City
by Gary Riedl
Book Description: Nearly eight thousand years ago, a land bridge crossed what is known today as the Caspian Sea. Tribes of this rugged and dangerous land began a march toward civilization. Ancient merchants risked their lives to trade goods and pass knowledge to one another, changing history forever. Shem, a young man of eighteen, wanted to escape from his simple farming life and venture into strange new lands. With rumors of mysterious people and fierce creatures to the north, Shem convinced his uncle Zakho, a merchant by trade, to guide him in the ways of wandering. Explore the roots of civilization with Shem, and share in the struggles of his adventures and as he falls in love with a beautiful girl who worships foreign gods. Experience the incredible technologies of early societies. Discover the secrets of Tuball, The Lost City!