Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do We Dance Enough?

This last Sunday in Imago Dei Kids, we had a guest band come in, play, and sing worship with the children. They were really entertaining, playing a wide range of instruments (I'd say around 11 total).

The highlight for me was watching the kids. All of the children just sat watching the band, not sure what exactly to do. All except one boy. This one boy (about 7 years old), who is normally a child that has trouble following directions, was jumping up and dancing. He was jamming along with the band and doing what he felt most comfortable doing.

Most adults would likely frown at this boy because he was "a distraction" or "bothering the other kids." But I think that God was totally joyful at this boy's excitement, joy, and praise for such wonderful music.

Are we letting children miss out on how to express joy? Are we letting them shout and dance for fun, or are we constantly telling them to be quiet?

Adults can be really boring and often too quiet. I'm afraid we might be passing that on to our future generations. Hopefully, I can try to do something about that. :-)