Friday, November 13, 2009

DIY Fair!

Have you ever wanted to give a gift that is more meaningful than a giftcard? Did you ever want to give something more heartfelt than something you just picked up at the store? Well, you're in luck...the Do It Yourself Fair is tomorrow!

A woman from our church is organizing this event in order to promote gifts during the Christmas season that represent giving relationally. The purpose is to equip everyone (men, women, and children) by sharing ideas as well as learning and practicing new skills.

Jen and I will be running our own projects there. I will be showing people how to make their own juggling balls and attempting to teach them how to juggle. Jen will be making candy trains, tealight candle jars, and food gift baskets. There are many other awesome ideas to be learned there, such as making hats, terrariums, silk flowers, comics, magnets, pendants, wooden toys, printmaking, and much more!

The whole idea came from Advent Conspiracy: To spend less, give more, love all, and worship God fully. The main purpose is to save money and send the money saved overseas for people to have clean drinking water. Check out more about it here:

Two great videos about it below...