Friday, April 10, 2009

Like A Child

This morning as I was sitting at a gas station, filling up my tank, I watched as a mother and her daughter used the pay phone outside the little station store. The mother was smoking a cigarette while dialing the number, occasionally turning her head to see where her daughter was. She kept reminding the little girl (who looked about 5 years old) to stay next to her and to not go wandering away.

The little girl decided not to listen to her mother. She went in, then came out. Went around the corner, then came back. Went back into the store, then came back. Skipping, singing, and having fun while mom was on the phone.

The mother kept an eye on her, which I appreciated. However, she looked agitated. She looked stressed. About the phone call...not about her daughter. Which is certainly understandable. We all have crap in our lives that we need to deal with.

But I would have been so happy if I saw that mother hang up the phone, start skipping, singing, and having fun with her daughter. Instead of chirping orders to her over her shoulder, she could've turned that downer gas station phone call into a super-fun imagination adventure time with her little girl.

Have we forgotten how to be like children? Are we too wrapped up into our adult responsibilities? Wouldn't it be fun to run into the wind and scream at the top of our lungs?

Photo is of me and my dad a long time ago. I love this picture.