Thursday, January 17, 2008

Early Bird vs. Night Owl

I like to get up early. I am an early bird. After my morning shower, I'm wide awake... ready to start a new day. I actually dislike sleep. Sure, I know it's important to rest my body, and I do. But I would much rather be up and about getting stuff done. I like to be productive.

My wife does not like to get up early. She loves sleep. She sleeps in and waits until the very last minute to get ready in the morning. I still don't know how she does it... she wields her blow drier like a sidearm from a holster. She likes to relax and make sure her body is super-rejuvenated.

The problem is obvious. Conflict is unavoidable.

The first few months of our marriage, I nagged her about getting up early with me so we could spend time together in the morning before we go to work. I annoyed the heck out of her. We got into arguments about what time I expected her to get up and why she wasn't respecting me because she didn't do what I expected.

I ended up realizing that it was my own fault that we got into the arguments. I was the one sinning. Not her. I was being prideful because I was thinking about what I wanted more than what she wanted. I didn't stop to think about why she gets up so late. I didn't stop to think about why she enjoys sleeping.

I didn't stop to think. I do that a lot. It's not good.

I repented of my sin to God and to her and was given grace. I have learned to think about her more in the mornings instead of myself. I have learned that she gets up much quicker when I kiss her repeatedly on the forehead. She gets up much quicker when I do that. Funny how she responds better to love than to sin.