Monday, October 1, 2007

Tough Choice: Sex or Baseball? (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1.

My fiancee and I have been moving some of her stuff into my apartment recently. Since we are just weeks away from the wedding and finally living together, we wanted to do our best not to overlap the "moving day" stresses with the "wedding day" stresses. As we were organizing and unpacking this past weekend, it was one box of items that really seemed to transform my bachelor pad into what now feels like a cozy home: her candles.

So as I'm sitting here with these lovely scented aromas all around me, I am instinctively imagining our wedding night ... we make the getaway from the reception, drive through the Seattle night to the hotel, take the elevator up to our room, unlock the door, I carry her over to the bed, and then turn on ESPN.


Well it just so happens that we scheduled our wedding day in the middle of the American League Championship Series! According to the schedule, if the Indians make it through the Division Series to play either the Red Sox or Angels in the Championship Series, then I could possibly carry my new wife into the hotel room and finish watching Game 6!

Now this is a relatively serious worry for me. This baseball team has been my idol for the majority of my young life, but Jen has been the love of my life for the past year and a half. Looking at it on paper, it seems like a tough decision:
  • Love for Jen: 1.5 years
  • Love for Cleveland Indians baseball: 24 years
  • Percentage of the rest of my life to be with Jen: 100%
  • Percentage of years Indians have won AL pennant: 4.7% (5 out of 106 years)
  • Joy/gratification of having sex: I don't know yet
  • Joy/gratification of my team winning World Series: I don't know yet
What's one night of sex, really? I mean, we'll have the rest of our lives together! Is it so hard to wait till the game is over or after I check the score? We have waited to have sex for almost 11 months of engagement, so what's wrong with waiting until after the ESPN highlights?

Tough choice. Sex or baseball? What's it gonna be?

My decision will be officially documented in my last section, Part 3.

Photo is from the recent Indians/Mariners series here in Seattle! Woohoo!