Friday, January 27, 2012

The first two weeks of January

This is quite a late report.  The first two weeks of January were great couponing weeks!  I made a trip to Albertsons and a couple trips to Rite Aid (bottom two pictures).  Albertsons had salmon on sale for $2.99/lb and a deal where you get free veggies when you purchase a beef roast.  So, we got about 2 lbs of salmon; 4 lbs of beef round rump roast; free potatoes, carrots, and celery; plus 6 cans of beans; 6 cans of tomato soup; 8 Yoplait yogurts; a bottle of juice; 10 juice boxes; a gallon of milk (1/2 gallon of organic for Nolan); and 2 boxes of Fiber One bars. This should have cost $89.38.  I paid $43.02 after sales and coupons!  I think that's pretty good for salmon and beef!  At Rite Aid there were several deals on gum, plus a promotion on Johnson and Johnson items.  I got 2 bottles of baby wash, 2 baby lotions, 2 flosses, 2 makeup compacts, 9 packs of gum (8 of which were free!), and two 75oz bottles of Tide.  I should have paid $98.71 but only paid $33.16, and I have a $2 reward to use next time!  My total savings in these two weeks was 60%!