Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kid Quote: Strength

The cutest kindergartner at our school is a 5-year old tiny little boy. He has big eyes and reminds me of the big-headed-little-bodied title character from Bobby's World.

After school let out and he came to the cafeteria where we have the YMCA after-school program, he came straight to me and told me about how exhausted he was after carrying heavy stuff for his teacher. I praised him for being a good helper and suggested he rest his muscles.

Later, after snack, he came up to me again.

"I am strong because I fight with my daddy every night!" he stated.

If you can imagine the smallest, cutest, gentlest little boy that always follows directions, never fights with other kids, and always has a big smile on his face, then you can understand why this quote is so meaningful.

Now imagine if this boy didn't wrestle with his dad. Imagine if this boy didn't have fun spending time with the man he looks up to the most. He wouldn't think that he is strong. He wouldn't get the encouragement from his dad that he desperately needs to grow up to be a strong, responsible man.

Likewise, we must wrestle with God in prayer and through His Word to us to get the encouragement we need to be strong.