Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Good to be Poor

As I watched my VCR recording (a.k.a., "poor man's TiVo") of last night's World Series of Poker episode, I realized something today. If I won something like $100,000 in the Main Event tournament, it would probably give me more trouble than you'd think.

Sure, it would certainly be nice to pay off our student loans, invest into something, and put some money down on a house. But, of course, we would leave a tiny little bit left for splurging. Here comes the problem... 

The first fun thing we would probably buy is Mario Kart Wii. The reason is because it is something very high on the list of things we'd love to have but don't have the funds for. It'd be super fun to play with Jen since it's her favorite video game, however, I would likely begin playing it every waking minute. I would likely stop reading the Bible regularly, stop spending time with my sweetie in the kitchen after work, and stop snuggling with her on the couch after dessert. 

There are many positives to see when God only provides enough money for absolute necessities. We have both learned self control and we have both learned what's really important in life. I certainly don't want to ruin that by winning $100,000. Do I?