Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's A GIRL!!!

We went to have our ultrasound appointment check-up and we found out we are growing a little baby girl!!!

We picked names awhile time ago, but now we can officially call her Eva Joy Riedl. Nolan and Delaney are excited to have a little sister, although Nolan said he wanted a brother. :-) He'll get over it.

God's miracle of life is so amazing, and we feel so blessed that He has given us the responsibility to care for another one of His children. We truly believe that these kids are not ours. They are His, and we are only caring for them for a short time. He has awesome plans for them, and we pray that they would grow up to love Him and love others the way that we try our best to do with our lives.

Eva is due to breathe air for the first time at the end of July!