Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kid Quote: Trust

In our child care program, we have a brand new silly rule that instructs us to only allow kids into the bathroom to wash their hands one at a time. One at a time. Yes, it takes forever to get through the line of kids. So naturally, there is a lot of waiting.

At our school, there is a long hallway between our program and the bathroom door. Sometimes we let them walk down the hall and wait right outside the bathroom door until the kid before them comes out. We don't let our problem children do this for obvious reasons.

One cute little kindergarten girl gives us the most trouble when it comes to handwashing and waiting. She often plays around in the bathroom or wants to go in with the other girls. One day, while the bathroom was occupied by another kid, she wanted to walk down to the bathroom door and wait for the person to finish.

"Can I trust you to go wait outside the door?" I asked her suspiciously. "Will you wait until the next person comes out before you go in?" I paused and then repeated, "Can you be trusted?"

"No," she replied.

Surprised at her honesty, expecting a lie to come out, I laughed and said, "Well then I think you had better wait here with me then."

Fascinating! Even 6-year old kindergartners know that their misbehavior creates distrust in relationships. I pray that she holds onto that, puts two and two together, and eventually regains our trust in her.