Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Patience in Marriage

When Jen told me that she would write on Riedlblog, I was certainly very excited. I was also very conscious of my expectations of her. I expected her to love blogging. I knew that the exact moment that she posted her first blog post that she'd immediately be hooked and would blog every day non-stop. Even more than me.

I was just a little off. As you can see, she hasn't posted anything yet.

But I'm not upset. I had a feeling this might happen. This situation has happened before here. It's a typical situation: I have unrealistic expectations, she lives life, and I react either positively or negatively. When I react negatively in these types of situations, I nag her, push her, get frustrated with her, and sometimes get into fights with her. All sin. All selfish.

Thankfully, I have used my past mistakes to realize that I need to be patient with Jen about her blogging. I think about life from her perspective. I know that writing is not very interesting to her, since she's still finishing up school, and there are lots of other exciting things for her to do with her time.

So I must be patient. I must let her make the choice to do it. After all, I can't make her do anything. So often people think that they can make their spouses do what they want. But is that really being a humble servant? I think not.