Thursday, March 22, 2007

By-product: Water.

Remember when it was a sight to see a hybrid car on the road?

Just a few years ago, hybrid technology was brand new, slowly making itself known among the other vehicles out there. However, now it is not uncommon to hear about someone talking about their
Prius... heck, even my parents have just recently bought a Saturn Vue.

Of course the technologies in the world are always getting more and more advanced and amazing, but none of these advancements have hit me the same way that
this article hit me when I read it at
This same thing will happen with Hydrogen Fuel-Cell vehicles. According to the article I read, citizens (such as the author of the article) have already begun test-driving them, and the "limited release" date is in 2008. Now I admit that I haven't done much research in regards to hydrogen fuel-cells, but the article talked about the by-product for this fuel-cell being water. Is that it? That's the only by-product? It almost seems too good to be true as a solution to our "oil-dependent," "gasoline-addictive," "global warming-causing" vehicle-driving behaviors. Especially since I did just read another article that says that in order to create the hydrogen, we'll have to burn fossil fuels to do it... not making it much more beneficial. I just don't know who to believe... so I must do more research! More posts on this topic to come later...

For now, just check out these sweet pics from
Honda FCX driving down the road

The hydrogen fuel cell under the hood

The interior of the FCX

The sweet central gauge glows red when you use the maximum amount of hydrogen! So cool.